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1. ............ states that investment depends on the rate of change of economic growth. If the growth rate falls, firms reduce investment because they don’t expect output to rise as quickly

A. Multiplier effect
B. Accelerating effect
C. Accelerator effect
D. Cost benefit effect

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2. Cole (2004) identified the following approaches to corporate social responsibility

A. Force of law and Voluntary Approaches
B. Voluntary and involuntary Approaches
C. Rule of law and involuntary Approaches
D. Force of law and involuntary

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3. A ........... is one who does not have active involvement in the business but lends his name to the firm, without any capital contributions, and doesn’t share the profits of the business.

A. An active partner
B. A secret partner
C. A dormant partner
D. A nominal partner

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4. ........... has very little to no authority within the group organization and his functions include trusting their members or followers to make appropriate decisions.

A. Democratic leaders
B. Laissez-faire leaders
C. Autocratic leaders
D. Situational leaders

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5. With .........., the number of unemployed workers exceeds the number of job vacancies.

A. Cyclical unemployment
B. Structural unemployment
C. Classical unemployment
D. Frictional unemployment

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6. What are the provisions of Nigeria Employees Compensation Act 2010

A. To ensure effective, fair and competitive compensation for all employees both in the private and public sector.
B. To ensure compensation for employees and dependants in the event of death, disability arising in the course of employment.
C. To ensure all employee pay at least the minimum wages.
D. To establish a minimum standard of compensation for all employee.

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7. ............... is a veritable tool for promoting peace, justice and administrative transparency in any democratic system. The Commission has wide powers to inquire into complaints by members of the public concerning the administrative actions of any public authority and companies or their officials.

A. Private Complaints Commission
B. Nigeria Ombudsman
C. Private Complaints Agency
D. General Complaints Commission

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8. What was the role of “foot commission of inquiry 1948” in the Nigerianization of the public policy?

A. It was set up to look at the role Nigerians in public offices were occupying and how it could affect public policy.
B. It was set up to ascertain the impact of the second world war on Nigeria public policy.
C. It was set up to confirm the possibility of giving access to more Nigerian in the civil service.
D. It was set up to specifically give access to more northerners in civil service.

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