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Plant Breeding

Discovering traits to improve yield, water efficiency and adaptability.

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We are committed to a carbon neutral footprint by 2021.

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Bayer's acquisition of Monsanto has closed: Bayer the sole shareholder of Monsanto.

Shareowners to receive merger consideration of $128 per share.

In connection with the acquisition of Monsanto Company by Bayer Aktiengesellschaft, Computershare Trust Company, N.A. has been retained to manage the exchange of Monsanto common stock for the merger consideration of $128.00 per share, without interest.

If you are a holder of shares of Monsanto common stock represented by stock certificates and have any questions relating to the exchange process, please contact Computershare toll free at (888) 725-9529 or outside the United States at +1 (201) 680-6578. If your shares are held in "street name" by a broker, bank or other nominee, please contact that broker, bank or other nominee.

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Inclusion Diversity

True innovation requires people who are brave enough to ask big questions and offer truly unique perspectives. Diversity of opinion and knowledge are key to the scientific method, and are therefore key to the way we hire. The more welcoming Monsanto becomes, the more opportunities we have to better serve farmers as they steward the land.

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If you need a reasonable accommodation to search for or apply to a job, contact us by email at Discount Visit New Best Place To Buy floral black Tshirt Blue sacai Outlet Recommend Big Discount Free Shipping Footlocker HDrRnt

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Breaking: Bayer Closes Monsanto Acquisition

Build redundancy into your application, to avoid having single points of failure

A resilient application routes around failure. Identify the critical paths in your application. Is there redundancy at each point in the path? If a subsystem fails, will the application fail over to something else?

Consider business requirements . The amount of redundancy built into a system can affect both cost and complexity. Your architecture should be informed by your business requirements, such as recovery time objective (RTO). For example, a multi-region deployment is more expensive than a single-region deployment, and is more complicated to manage. You will need operational procedures to handle failover and failback. The additional cost and complexity might be justified for some business scenarios and not others.

Consider business requirements

Place VMs behind a load balancer . Don't use a single VM for mission-critical workloads. Instead, place multiple VMs behind a load balancer. If any VM becomes unavailable, the load balancer distributes traffic to the remaining healthy VMs. To learn how to deploy this configuration, see Multiple VMs for scalability and availability .

Place VMs behind a load balancer

Replicate databases . Azure SQL Database and Cosmos DB automatically replicate the data within a region, and you can enable geo-replication across regions. If you are using an IaaS database solution, choose one that supports replication and failover, such as SQL Server Always On Availability Groups .

Replicate databases

Enable geo-replication . Geo-replication for Rachel Zoe Open Knit Top Clearance Pay With Visa Clearance Best Place Great Deals Cheap Online Cheap Sale Authentic Lxs4I
and Cosmos DB creates secondary readable replicas of your data in one or more secondary regions. In the event of an outage, the database can fail over to the secondary region for writes.

Enable geo-replication

Partition for availability . Database partitioning is often used to improve scalability, but it can also improve availability. If one shard goes down, the other shards can still be reached. A failure in one shard will only disrupt a subset of the total transactions.

Partition for availability

Deploy to more than one region . For the highest availability, deploy the application to more than one region. That way, in the rare case when a problem affects an entire region, the application can fail over to another region. The following diagram shows a multi-region application that uses Azure Traffic Manager to handle failover.

Deploy to more than one region

Synchronize front and backend failover . Use Azure Traffic Manager to fail over the front end. If the front end becomes unreachable in one region, Traffic Manager will route new requests to the secondary region. Depending on your database solution, you may need to coordinate failing over the database.

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